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Fallout Shelter Tips: How To Get Rare and Legendary Loot For Your Vault

Fallout Shelter Tips: How To Get Rare and Legendary Loot For Your VaultAfter the big E3 announcement of Fallout Shelter, I have been hooked ever since. However, starting off without carefully following the tutorial can lead to sticky situations where your vault is not ready for hazards and raider attacks. If you’re looking for beginner tips and tricks to be successful in Fallout Shelter, you have come to the right place.


Here are some ways to best start off the Fallout Shelter vault for complete beginners.


1) Focus on Building Resource Rooms


To keep the dwellers happy, you must ensure you have all essential resources (power, food, and water) managed and topped. Rather than building new unlocked rooms such as the Storage Room and Medbay, beginners will want to focus on the Power Generator, Diners, and Water Treatment buildings.


2) Build Rooms Next to Each Other to Increase Price and Production


Building your vault wisely is crucial to your initial success. By building the same rooms next to each other, you will merge the rooms into a larger room that can hold more dwellers and reduce production times. Be sure that you’re not randomly placing rooms next to each other and always think about ways to combine 2 or 3 rooms together.


3) Focus on Goals


Each Fallout Shelter will have a different set of goals or objectives to complete. Having started many vaults, it’s important to tackle these goals to win the awards and caps in bulk to grow your vault faster. A key tip is to not ‘X’ out a random objective unless you are really stuck.


4) Dwellers SPECIAL Stats Are Key, Assign Dwellers Based on Strengths


Understanding how the SPECIAL stats will allow you to assign the dwellers where their strengths are. For beginners, the first four stats (SPEC) are the most important. Each room requires a dweller with a specific SPECIAL stat. For example, the Power Station requires dwellers with the S (trength) stat. The higher the stat is of the dweller, the more efficiency for the dweller to generate more power.


When assigning dwellers, you can click on the top left gear icon to see what strength each dweller possesses as well as the current job they are taking on. You can simply drag the character across all the rooms and determine the highest number, if you’re looking to maximize their ability to product.



5) RUSH at 30% or Lower


Rush jobs are part of the game, however, a hazardous incident can take place in your shelter if the percentage of risk is high. Anything under 30% will likely yield successful rush jobs. Anything over 50% will likely cause an incident.


6) Protect Incidents By Assigning Dwellers


When incidents such as a fire takes place, be sure to drag your dwellers into the room to take out the fire. The more support available, the less health removed.


7) Create Babies Early On, But Don’t Overdo It!


Creating babies are a long process in this game. In order to create new dwellers, one of the method is to create babies and wait for them to grow. If you’re looking for how to create a baby in Fallout Shelter, you simply have to bring together two dwellers (male and female) into one of the residence rooms and hope for them to hit it off.


The reason you will not want to overdo it is because a pregnant dweller provides no support during an incident. If half of your dwellers are pregnant and your vault decides to catch fire across multiple rooms, you will find yourself in a lot of trouble


8) Do Not Visit the Wastelands


Although it’s tempting for beginners, I recommend not wasting time in the wastelands. Unless it is one of the listed tasks, it’s best to save your dwellers to collect resources. The wastelands is only beneficial when you have a dweller equipped with a suit and weapon. But, you must be aware as vault attacks can take place at random, and if your dwellers is deep into the wasteland, chances are you will have a hard time fending off the raid with a lack of weapons.


9) Take Note of the Suit


A suit can add key strengths to a dweller. For example, the ‘expert lab coat’ adds +7 I(ntelligence) to any dweller. By keeping this in mind, this will allow you to maximize the benefits of suits and increase production within a certain room.


10) Best Use of Downtime


When you’re about to leave the app, be sure to set your dwellers up in the most efficient manner.